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SPC Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition 2020 – Opening Reception

This fall we head back to school during unprecedented times. In this “new normal,” the landscape for education and the arts may be forever changed. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, many institutions were forced to dive deep into their well of creativity to reinvent themselves in the virtual world as a matter of survival. St. Petersburg College (SPC) and the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art (LRMA) quickly pivoted, moving their operations and programs completely online. LRMA celebrates this long-anticipated return to campus with SPC Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition 2020, highlighting SPC’s art professors, who, in addition to serving as educators, are practicing artists. Rising to the challenge of creating and teaching art in the time of COVID, faculty members quickly shifted their classes to virtual studio environments to engage students remotely, used their technical ingenuity to create protective gear for frontline workers, and found solace in the healing aspects of the creative spirit. Participating artists include Jonathan Barnes, Linda Berghoff, Ragan Brown, Barton La Teer Gilmore, Kevin Grass, Jennifer Guest, Barbara Grazul Hubbard, Elizabeth Indianos, Kim Kirchman and McKenzie Smith.