Resource Center

Located on the lower-level of the museum, the Resource Center may be visited by appointment only. The Resource Center contains books, archives, print and AV material related to LRMA’s history and the Rattner/Leepa/Gentle collection, along with an extensive selection of 20th and 21st century art books.

Art Library
A reference collection of 1000+ books supportive of the LRMA mission.

Abraham Rattner Archives & Library
Over 16 linear feet of archival documents from the Abraham Rattner estate including letters, diaries, art inventories, unpublished transcripts, and other personal writings. Also includes the personal library holdings of Abraham Rattner, Esther Gentle, and Allen Leepa with rare antiquarian books, first editions, and signed editions.

LRMA History & Exhibition Files
A chronological history of LRMA from its inception in 1997 to present day.

LRMA Audio-Visual Collection
Archival media (cassette interviews, slides, 16 mm films, and VHS tapes); 19th–20th century art slide library; SPC/LRMA-produced media; and mission-relevant CDs, VHS tapes, and DVDs.

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