Gifts of Art

The Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art is a collecting institution. Since opening in 2002, more than 2,000 works of art have been accepted into the permanent collection, mostly through the generosity of private donors. While the museum hopes to develop an acquisition endowment and budget, at present, donation is the primary method for acquiring artwork. Before beginning any donation process, please consult with tax accountants, appraisers, legal agencies and/or other professionals to determine optimal benefit in donating works of art.

Vetting Process

Donation of artwork is accomplished through a vetting process. If you possess artwork you would like to consider donating to the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, please follow the following procedures:

    1. Review the museum’s mission statement and Abridged Collections Plan for Donors to determine if the gift will appropriately contribute to the growth and development of the LRMA permanent collection.
    2. Contact the Museum Director, Curator, or Collections Manager to express your interest in donating artwork to the Museum.
    3. Complete a Donor Questionnaire Form and submit it to the Curatorial Department. Please provide as much information as possible to ensure legal ownership and detailed documentation to determine value.
    4. Upon review by the Curatorial Department, a New Acquisition Form is developed with a Curator’s Recommendation. The potential donation is delivered to the museum at the donor’s expense (unless prior arrangements have been made) and an Incoming Loan Receipt and Waiver of Liability are generated.
    5. The potential donation is presented at a quarterly meeting of the LRMA Collections Committee. This committee evaluates and votes on acceptance or denial of donations using a criteria system to rank value to the collection, conservation, storage and other potential collection liabilities.
    6. Recommendation to accept a donation is then forwarded to the LRMA Board of Directors for final approval.
    7. Once accepted, a Deed of Gift and Letter of Donation are generated and sent to the donor. The object(s) are documented, photographed, conditioned, insured and accessioned into the TMS © (Museum Systems) collections management software.

Acceptance of artwork into the permanent collection of the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art is held to the highest ethical and professional standards as outlined by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), the accrediting agency for museums. Artwork is to be cared for in perpetuity, which includes the fiduciary responsibilities for the care, conservation, research and presentation of the object(s).

Unfortunately, museum staff cannot appraise or authenticate works of art or recommend specific appraisers.  To locate an appraiser, visit the websites listed below of the following professional organizations:

It is important to find an appraiser that specializes in the work you are seeking information about.  Be advised that many appraisers charge an hourly rate for their services. If you need an appraisal for estate planning purposes, it is important to use someone who is certified to make the evaluation.

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