The Leepa-Rattnmuseumer Museum of Art is located on the Tarpon Springs Campus of St. Petersburg College, just minutes from U.S. Highway 19. Visit often to view frequently-changing exhibitions drawn from LRMA’s collections and loans from both private lenders and other art museums. Works on display in eight galleries include paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculpture, photography, and more.

Docent tours are available on Sundays at 2:00 p.m.


Please help us protect and preserve the invaluable works of art in our care by reviewing and observing the following museum etiquette. With your help, we can ensure that our works of art will educate and delight viewers for generations to come.

viewingLarge Items
Items such as over-sized purses, parcels, briefcases, backpacks, umbrellas, diaper bags, and commercial cameras or tripods must be stowed in the courtesy lockers at the front desk.

Eating and Drinking
Food and beverages are not permitted in the galleries and must be enjoyed outside the museum.

In compliance with the St. Petersburg College’s Tobacco Free Campus policy, tobacco products are prohibited in the museum and on museum grounds.

Look, Don’t Touch
While in the galleries, please maintain a distance of at least 12 inches from the artwork. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH any work of art – permanent damage can be created in just a few moments by the oil in human hands, human breath, and other factors. Many of the works on display are very fragile and the oils from human skin can cause damage and slowly deteriorate the art.

Flash photography is not permitted in the museum at any time, as it may cause permanent damage to the artwork. Artwork owned by the museum may be photographed without a flash, for personal use only. Photography is restricted for many changing exhibitions. Please watch for the “X” signs and respect them. Commercial photography of works owned by the museum, or the use of images that are being requested for use in publications, must first be approved by the museum’s Collections Manager. If you have any questions, please speak with a Visitor Services Specialist at the front desk.

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